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Web Hosting Holiday Special!

{ Posted on Dec 21 2006 by Steve }
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  Currently Powweb is having a hosting special. If you purchase 1 or 2 years you are given free months automatically! I have been using Powweb hosting for 4 years now and it has been very good. Read More »

Britney Spears a Prostitute?

{ Posted on Dec 18 2006 by Steve }
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I know it's on the news about Britney being all over the internet flashing the world, but this latest set of photos to make it's way on the web has gotten me thinking...Has she totally lost her mind?   Read More »

William Penn Association (website)

{ Posted on Dec 15 2006 by Steve }
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    Those of you who talk to me know that I am currently remaking  I didn't make the original website, so now I am left with the task of totally recreating it from scratch. Read More »

Xbox Live Vision Camera Bundle

{ Posted on Dec 13 2006 by Steve }
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A few days ago I realized I needed to renew my Xbox Live subscription.  As you probably know already, a 12 month subscription costs $50.  So, I decided to look around and came across the Vision Camera Bundle. This bundle ...Read More »