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Month: December 2006

Web Hosting Holiday Special!

  Currently Powweb is having a hosting special. If you purchase 1 or 2 years you are given free months automatically! I have been using Powweb hosting for 4 years now and it has been very...

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Britney Spears a Prostitute?

I know it’s on the news about Britney being all over the internet flashing the world, but this latest set of photos to make it’s way on the web has gotten me thinking…Has she totally lost her mind?   How can someone who is in the middle of a custody battle for her children possibly go out in public looking like this?  She is starting to look like someone working a street corner, as a matter of fact, I’d say even worse.  For those of you who haven’t seen these yet, here are 2 of the pics featuring her in the latest ridiculous “clothing” she has been out in.       ...

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William Penn Association (website)

    Those of you who talk to me know that I am currently remaking  I didn’t make the original website, so now I am left with the task of totally recreating it from scratch. This site is taking a very long time to do because it has a lot of content.  I didn’t think it was going to take even close to the amount of time it has taken so far, and I’m not even finished yet. Here is a full preview of the design of the front page (sized down for various reasons).    Well, I would love to see some...

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Xbox Live Vision Camera Bundle

A few days ago I realized I needed to renew my Xbox Live subscription.  As you probably know already, a 12 month subscription costs $50.  So, I decided to look around and came across the Vision Camera Bundle. This bundle retails for $79.99 at most places and had it on sale for $64.99. I thought to myself well why not just get the bundle then?  The camera itself costs $39.99 so the fact that I was getting the camera and the 12 month subscription sounded great.  But that wasn’t it…  The bundle also comes included with 2 arcade games, an extra Live headset, and 200 Microsoft Points.  Purchasing all of these things seperate would easily cost over $110 so the $65 i spent on it was well worth it. Now a little about the Camera itself… From what I have noticed the quality is pretty good considering the price.  Once thing I don’t like very much, but makes gaming with it much easier, is the fact that when you see yourself you are always mirrored.  You can use the camera to take a personal pic of yourself that will show to people on your friends list if you want rather than just using a generic gamer picture.  Obviously when you take photos or do a video chat the image is normal to those viewing.   Another cool thing...

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Macro Mode – Explained

Macro Mode is a great feature included in the majority of digital cameras. It is there to aid you in taking close-up photos, which are very important in digital photography. I have written this article to give you a better idea of exactly what Macro Mode is, and what it can do for your photos.  I’m sure the first time you picked up a digital camera you saw the little flower icon somewhere on the camera and thought to yourself, “I wonder what that button does?” Well, that is the standard icon for Macro Mode (pictured above). Some digital cameras have an actual seperate mode for macro shots, but many just have a seperate button allowing you to stay in another advanced shooting mode while using the Macro feature. As stated briefly before Macro Mode is made for close-up photos. It allows you to focus on an object sometimes as close as 3cm (normally a few inches though) away from your camera lens. I have seen it used mainly for small objects such as flowers but can also be used for many other objects that you really want to show the details of. Due to the level of focusing in Macro Mode it takes slightly longer than a normal shot to focus. Also, the depth of field is normally greater while taking shots in Macro Mode though that aspect...

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