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Month: July 2007

Carry On By Chris Cornell

Hmm, I wonder what section of the store this album is in…Adult Contemporary or Easy listening? Chris, buddy, what have you done? I listened closely to this album because I was really interested in doing a review. And all I can say is, Wow…I can’t believe I didn’t fall asleep. Chris Cornell is one of the best vocalists ever, but this album is lacking in so many ways to me. His voice seems higher pitched than normal and very flat sounding compared to anything else I have heard him sing. From a production standpoint this entire album sounds like garbage. At some points it doesn’t even sound like they are using a real drum, and the guitar is also lacking any sort of character. The first 3 songs started off the album by having a chorus of the track title, repeated about 3 times. Safe and Sound is so soft and slow that it is almost gospel sounding, except for the warbled sounding guitar at the beginning. Another thing I noticed during this song, and continued to notice in later songs, is that he not only sings the lead vocals but it sounds like he is the back up vocals also. She’ll Never Be Your Man started the trend again of the chorus having the song title repeated over and over again. The song Killing Birds is probably the...

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Libertad by Velvet Revolver

Sophomore slump? No chance…Thank you Scott Weiland for staying sober and releasing one hell of a good album. Of course I can’t forget the band also… I don’t know where to even start with this review. Libertad is a great Hard Rock album. Their first album Contraband was an huge success in the US selling over 2 million copies and comparing this to their debut I don’t see reaching those numbers again being a problem. Overall, this album sounds much better from a production standpoint and also lyrically compared their first album. The song She Builds Quick Machines definitely has a classic STP sound to it which I really enjoy still. It has some great guitar solos also. One that sticks out is in their cover of Can’t Get It Out Of My Head. The songs The Last Fight and Gravedancer, although much softer than the rest of the album, seem to fit in perfect giving the entire album a nice flow. [rating:4.5] Tracklist: 1. Let It Roll 2. She Mine 3. Get Out The Door 4. She Builds Quick Machines 5. The Last Fight 6. Pills, Demons & Etc. 7. American Man 8. Mary Mary 9. Just Sixteen 10. Can’t Get It Out Of My Head 11. For A Brother 12. Spay 13....

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Young Modern by Silverchair

In keeping with their normal trend, this album is nothing like any other Silverchair CD you have ever heard. But, I have to admit…I am liking it… At certain times while listening to this album it wouldn’t be hard to forget that this is even Silverchair except for the fact that Daniel Johns’ voice sounds as good as ever. This album really shows off his vocal ability. Some of the old fans of Silverchair might not like this new album because of the extreme change in overall sound, but I think it is pretty good. Just keep in mind, gone are the days of Frogstomp and the Grunge sound they used to have. This album sounds very experimental, not only in the vocals, but in the instrumental portions also. This album is very soft. So soft that it’s actually hard for me to put it in the Rock category. But still, it is enjoyable to listen to. I’m not sure if this is the type of album you will listen to over an over again but it is worth of an occasional listen. [rating:4] Tracklist: 1. Young Modern Station 2. Straight Lines 3. If You Keep Losing Sleep 4. Reflections of a Sound 5. Those Thieving Birds, Pt. 1/Strange Behavior/Those Thieving Birds, Pt. 2 6. Man That Knew Too Much 7. Waiting All Day 8. Mind Reader 9. Low...

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