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Month: October 2007

Damn credit cards

About 15 minutes before the Steelers game started today I got a call from my bank. Apparently someone using my credit card number decided they would make multiple purchases today totaling over $300. Luckily the bank noticed quickly and didn’t let the charges go through but I still have to go through the annoying process of canceling my card and getting a new one. They also told me they will be sending me papers to fill out. This has happened to me 3 times, all of which were 2 to 3 weeks after I made a payment through paypal. The first 2 times I thought it just happened that way, but now that it has happened a 3rd time I can say that I will never put my credit card number into paypal...

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2 new tv’s

Over the last couple weeks we have been doing a lot to the house…repainted the first floor and got new carpeting. Soon there new furniture also. But anyways, yesterday I decided some new televisions were needed. In the living room I replaced an old sony tv with a 40 inch 1080p Samsung. In my room I decided to get rid of my 26 inch Samsung lcd and replace it with a new 32 inch. Both tv’s are great so far. I love the fact that they both have 3 hdmi. Once I get my new furniture I will post some pics of the 2 tv’s. I plan on buying an hd dvd player soon...

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