LG Venus (vx8800) Review

By on Dec 17, 2007 | 1 comment

I have had the phone now for about 3 weeks, so I think I have tested it enough to give a decent review. So here it goes… A quick run down of the phone: Phone Type: Slider Storage: ~128mb internal, and support for up to 8gb MicroSD. Screen sizes: 240×320 and 240×176 Audio Support: AAC, MP3, WMA Video Support: 3G2, 3GP, WMV, MP4 Most notable feature(s): Touch screen, Battery Life Appearance At a quick glance the phone looks great…much better than my old phone, a V3C Razr. The front of the phone is 2 screens basically covered by what seems to be glass. But after using the phone for a while I noticed that the bottom (touch) screen seems to have some give to it, almost feeling squishy so to speak. As you look close you will see that some parts of the phone aren’t black, but a dark blue color. It’s slightly annoying to the overall appearance, but in certain light you really can’t tell. Features This phone has many of the same features as just about all of the newest phones on the market. It has a 2mp camera that takes decent photos and up to 1 hour of video. It has a MicroSD slot that can take up to an 8gb card. I am currently using a 4gb card. Right now I have about 500 mp3 files on it and there is still more space available. I have the phone set to save my photos directly to the card to make it easier to transfer photos to and from the device. The most unique feature to this phone though is the (partial) touch screen on the front. The touch screen basically controls everything. It changes in context with what you are trying to do. The battery life so far is almost unbelievable. It is rated for over 4 hours of talk time and 20 days standby. I have talked multiple times over an hour straight and the battery meter still shows as full. I’m sure after time it will become much shorter, but it is easily replaceable. I haven’t had a chance to test mp3 playback for long periods of time so I can’t comment on that right now. One other thing worth mentioning is the user interface. You actually have the ability to choose multiple interfaces including some which are much different than the usual red interface on most Verizon phones. Sound Quality The sound quality of this phone is above average. It is definately much better than my Razr. At all volume levels though there is a faint, but constant, hiss or static sound. By no means does it interfere with the conversation, but it is there. Everyone I have talked to says I sound great on their end also. The Touch Screen Since the touch screen is the main selling point of this phone I’ll talk about it in more detail. By default the phone will make a sound and vibrate when you touch the screen. It is helpful at first, but as you become used to the controls you will most likely turn it off…I know I did. Until you know exactly how hard to touch the screen things might seem a little unresponsive, but the more you mess around with it the easier things get. As I said before, the touch controls change all the time to control whatever it is you are doing. Multimedia Functions The audio and video playback actually surprised me. MP3’s sound great and can be played various ways; though the internal speaker, or via the 2.5mm jack. The amount of music you can store on the phone is only ~64mb internally, but as I said before can be up to 8gb via the MicroSD slot. One thing that bothers me though is the ability the phone has to read some of my ID3 tags. On my PC my music has all of the corresponding ID3 tags, but not all of them show up on the phone for some reason. Video playback is also very good. I used super to encode clips of various shows into 3GP format. I encoded them at 320×240 which play great because you can turn the phone sideways and watch them in their full resolution. Conclusion Overall, this phone is pretty good if you know what to expect from it. It doesn’t have any mind blowing features, but it does deviate from the standard type of phone we have all come to expect from Verizon. As I just mentioned, overall this is a decent phone. I am happy with my purchase. If I had to rate it I’d probably say it’s about an 8 out of 10. Like I said before, nothing included is mind blowing, but it does everything it is trying to do...

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