So, I finally got Warhawk

By on Feb 18, 2008 | 0 comments

I was bored the past few days and decided I wanted to buy a few games on PSN. I got Tekken 5 DR Online. Great game for just under $30. And I also downloaded Warhawk for $40. I have to say I love Warhawk, but I totally suck at it. It seems like every time I respawn (and I do that a lot because of how bad I am) I get killed almost instantly. Sometimes 32 players, or even 24, seem to be way too many people in a map at once depending on the configuration. Like I said before, I literally respawn and get the **** blown out of me instantly. I enjoy playing the game for the most part but it seems to be really frustrating that sometimes no matter what I do I get raped from all angles. I thought I would get better but my ratio seems to be getting even worse. I get a decent amount of points but I can’t seem to kill many people at all. Something about the control configuration seems too...

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