hulu logoFor a while now there was some major hype surrounding Hulu. My question is, why? I don’t think it’s very special…at all.

It’s been out of beta for a good bit of time now and I have seen absolutely no improvement at all in terms of content. I mean, who doesn’t love being able to watch Family Guy anytime you want? I definitely love the thought of it, but why would I want to sit at my computer on a regular basis and watch televisions shows that are only high enough quality to fill less than 1/10 of my screen? Maybe I’m to blame? Maybe I shouldn’t have a 24″ iMac with a resolution of 1920×1200, right? Is it wrong for me to expect something more from such a high profile site? Hell, even the massive header at the top of the main page is higher quality than the videos themselves. Am I the only person who thinks there is something wrong with that?

Instead of listing a bunch of low res clips of shows that no one wants to watch maybe they should concentrate on a few higher quality videos.

I loved the concept originally, but I just don’t see the site turning into the huge enterprise that they envisioned. I don’t see many people following and trying to make one large site for ad based video. Under no circumstances would I pick to watch shows on Hulu over the streams on for example. At least on the individual network sites they attempt to maintain some quality in their streams.

That’s about all for this rant. Feel free to comment and tell me how wrong you think I am if you’d like.

Visit and decide for yourself.