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Month: June 2008

So, I joined Plurk

I never really got into the whole Twitter type blogging, but recently Plurk was opened. It seems pretty cool. It shows your “plurks” in a timeline which is pretty nice. As you can see to the right I added a section to show my recent posts at Plurk. Taken from the Plurk FAQ: What is Plurk? A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life, and follow the events of the people that matter to you, in deliciously digestible short messages called plurks. How does Plurk work? It’s easy. First, sign up. It takes 10 seconds. Then, just post new plurks which tell us what you’re doing, or how you feel, or what you’re thinking or anything else for that matter and it’ll appear on your timeline. You can tell us on the site, through instant messaging (stuff like MSN or AIM) or by text messaging us an update. Be sure to invite all your friends and see what they are up to throughout the day, it will make Plurk that much more fun for you. Anyways here is my Plurk invite link. Join, and let us know what you’re up...

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1/2 Price 3g iPhone? Not quite

Anyone who has watched television or has been on the internet the past 2 days has seen all the ads I’m sure. “Twice the speed. Half the price.” But how true is that exactly? Yes, the 8gb 3g iPhone will only cost $199. But, barely mentioned anywhere is the fact that the US provider AT&T has raised the price of the iPhone plans by $10 a month. So yeah, Apple lowered the price of the iPhone by $200. Too bad new owners of the 3g iPhone will have to pay $240 more over 2 years than people currently with plans. I was definitely considering making the switch to AT&T and paying the early termination fee to Verizon. But the more I think about it now, I’m finding it very hard to consider paying $70 minimum a month for one of the iPhone plans. Edit: After looking into this more, I noticed there is another change also. The base plan no longer includes the 200 text messages. You are now required to pay $5 a month to include 200 text messages. I’m curious to hear what others think about...

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Some site updates

Over the last few days i have been updating the site quite a bit. I decided to make now redirect to my blog. My forum was great while it lasted, but over the last couple years I didn’t try to keep it up and running. I don’t intend on getting rid of the forums, but as of right now I am considering them inactive. Registrations and everything are still open though. Maybe at some point I will decide to work on it again like I used to. But, for right now what you see is what you get. Anyways, I plan on keeping up with the blog for now. You know how life is though…things always come up and months may go by without a post here. If that were to happen it is definitely not intentional. That’s about it for now. Stay tuned for updates here in the near future. Hopefully I can get around to taking more photos for wallpapers and/or working on some more Dashboard...

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