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Month: July 2008

Wow Comcast, I’m Surprised

As mentioned in one of my blog posts about a month ago, Comcast has been planning on doing some upgrades to the system here around Pittsburgh. Well, I checked this morning before work and they actually did it. Not only did they actually give us what they said they would, but they did it on the date they said the whole time also. This is big news here. Comcast never does what they say they are planning to do in any timely fashion. I”m still waiting on the new guide that they told us was being launched back in February. But anyways, for once Comcast came through. Enjoy the new channels everyone. You should see some lineup changes along with about 5 or 6 new HD...

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Work, work, and more work.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last few days. I’ve been really busy. In the last 2 weeks I have worked over 100 hours and I don’t see it letting up anytime soon. I have work I need to do tomorrow (Saturday) and I will be in Harrisburg next week from Thursday to Sunday. It would be nice to have an entire weekend to just relax, but what can you do? I might as well work a long as possible now while I can still handle it. I’ll try my best to update the blog soon. I got some new things that I can review or at least write about when I get some...

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Powweb Hosting – 50% off

Currently Powweb is doing a promo. The price of hosting there is very cheap to begin with ($7.77 a month) but currently they are running a 50% off promotion. Sign up for 1 year and pay only $3.88 a month and you also get a free domain name. If I already didn’t have multiple hosting accounts I would definitely jump on this deal. Just follow this link to be a part of the special...

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June 2008 Stats

I normally don’t post about this, but I figured I would this month. Probably about 4 years ago, my site peaked. At that time, according to Alexa, my site ranking was in the top 400,000 sites on the entire internet. That is when I used to do a lot of Windows XP customizing…making visual styles, wallpapers, program skins, etc. That year the site got over 6 million hits. I was pretty happy about it at the time. A few years later I got tired of doing all of that. I stopped and the site stats dropped drastically. By that point the forums had become completely empty. By the way, the forums still exist and could at any point be resurrected. But anyways, while looking at the stats I have noticed an increase lately in activity again here. It’s high enough to surprise me so I figured, why not post it? So here they are…and thank you to everyone who continues to visit the site. June 2008 Statistics Unique Visitors: 17,364 Number of Visits: 20,691 Pages: 74,625 Hits:...

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