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Month: November 2008

It’s ok, that call wasn’t important.

Those who talk to me regularly know that I got an iPhone on October 1, 2008. Obviously, that means I made the switch to AT&T. Ever since 1998, I had Verizon as my cell phone provider. Over the 10 years with Verizon I had 2 dropped calls that were caused by my phone and/or service. With AT&T I have already had 19 dropped calls. Yes, 19 in a little over 1 month. I guess it wouldn’t bother me so much, but how long did they run that “fewest dropped calls” ad campaign? Seriously…do they think that is an acceptable quality of service customers should be paying for? Isn’t Pittsburgh a “large” enough area that my service should be better? It doesn’t make any sense when it happens either. I have a full signal according to the phone, but yet my calls are dropped so often it’s not even funny. Oh wait, that’s another ad campaign of theirs isn’t it? “More bars more places.” The amount of bars I have are totally irrelevant if I can’t even have an entire phone conversation. Is the 3g network just that bad? Or, is this something that only happens in my area? I am curious to hear about the level of service others have received with...

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October 2008 Stats

Here is another random visitor stats post… This time, it’s for the month of October. October 2008 Statistics Unique Visitors: 19,623 Number of Visits: 23,243 Pages: 86,406 Hits: 570,881 Thanks to all of those who still visit my...

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