When I saw this software on the Neowin CES 2009 blog, I thought it would be a useful program. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I will start off with a brief description of the software taken directly from GoldenSignals.com

“Install DisplayShare software on your PC in the home network.  With the TV displaying the PS3 welcome screen, an icon identifying the PC appears on the TV screen.  You may then use the PS3 remote or game controller to select the PC icon, and whatever is on that PC display screen will appear on the TV.  A wireless link between the PC and the home entertainment system is automatically established.

With DisplayShare, everything displaying on a PC screen can be streamed.  You do not have to navigate complex interfaces or overcome file format issues to wirelessly send a display to a TV.  Likewise, any PC audio, regardless of format, can be played through a home audio system.”

I downloaded the 30 day trial and installed it on my laptop from work. The specs are fairly good: 3gb of ram, a Core 2 Duo processor and a gigabit network card.

I loaded up the program and almost instantly it found my ps3 and added an icon, as shown in the first (very low quality iphone photo) screenshot.

Basically, it makes your ps3 think of it as a file and the software “streams” whatever is on your screen through your network.

Upon my initial use I noticed there was a 1 or 2 second delay between what I did and when it streamed through my ps3. I didn’t consider it a major problem so I figured I would load up Youtube and try a video through there. The first video I tried skipped. I instantly thought to myself, if this doesn’t work I highly doubt a high quality video will work either. And unfortunately, I was correct. I loaded up VLC and tried playing a 720p video. All that showed on the ps3 was a black box where the video should be playing.

At this point I had enough and decided that there was no chance of me paying for this software because it just flat out doesn’t work as advertised. You can’t tell from my photo, but the video doesn’t actually fit my entire tv screen either due to the slightly different proportions of televisions and monitors.

After my first impression, I wouldn’t recommend even wasting your time installing this software. Let’s hope that a new version is released soon that actually works, because in theory this could become a very useful application.

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