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Month: July 2009

UFC 100 Live Results

UFC 100 was decent overall. Below are the results as I posted them live during the event. 9:42:28 PM: Spoiler Alert: I will be posting live results here on Twitter and on my blog. 9:50:16 PM: If you aren’t watching the Ultimate 100 on Spike, they are about to show the top rated fight. 10:09:41 PM: Akiyama vs Belcher intro right now… 10:20:03 PM: Ouch, bad low blow right there on Akiyama. 10:24:12 PM: End of the first round. Great fight so far. 10:39:26 PM: The fight went all 3 rounds. Akiyama wins by split decision. I think Belcher should have won that fight… 10:43:47 PM: Henderson vs Bisping up next. The fighters are making their way to the octagon. 10:55:02 PM: Good first round for Henderson. 10:59:41 PM: Bisping just got knocked out in round 2. 11:07:15 PM: St-Pierre vs Alves intro playing right now… 11:19:18 PM: GSP is off to a great start… 11:29:21 PM: The second round definitely went to GSP. 11:35:12 PM: Wow, Alves is lucky that 3rd round ended when it did. 11:41:49 PM: 5th and final round coming up. 11:45:42 PM: 8 takedowns for GSP so far in the fight. 1:45 to go. 11:47:45 PM: Fight over. St-Pierre is going to win via decision. 12:04:54 AM: Mir is in the ring. Lesnar is on his way out now. 12:10:45 AM: Here we...

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iPod Touch with camera? Maybe

As usual, the rumors are circulating around the internet regarding Apple products. This one has been going around for a while now, and it seems we are getting closer to finding out whether it is true or not. According to this TechCrunch article, sources in Asia say that “Apple has placed an order for a massive number of camera modules of the type that they include in the iPhone. These are inexpensive cameras, in the $10 range. And the size of the order means they can only be used for one thing – the iPods.” It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if this turns out to be true. The iPod Touch is usually updated in September, so this gives plenty of time for the newer models to be manufactured. With the current success of other hand held video devices this seems like a logical progression for the iPod line. I have included a poll below regarding a new iPod. Please vote. I am curious to see if this is a feature people are really looking for. Which audio codec do you prefer? MP3 AAC Other (please specify in comments) View Results  Loading...

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FiOS component cable problems

About a month ago I started having a minor problem while watching television on my Motorola 7216 multi room DVR from Verizon. Since there is an ongoing problem with connecting some Samsung televisions to the Motorola boxes via HDMI, I chose from the beginning to just go with component cables. Using component I could still get HD resolutions with no problems, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. As I said before, some problems started to occur even with the component cables about a month ago. It didn’t happen very often at all, maybe a few times a day to start. The screen would go black for a split section because the signal to my tv would be lost. The tv would then immediately display the information in the upper left of that screen that a 1080i input was connected. Like I said, it didn’t happen very often, until recently… Last week it started to get very bad. It would happen very often. Sometimes the signal would be lost and a second or 2 later it would happen again. I am fairly knowledgeable about these types of things in general, and I was confident that I could figure out the problem on my own without wasting my time explaining what was happening to Verizon support. I thought about it for a day or 2 and I basically narrowed...

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Want comments? Disable WP-SpamFree

I was using WP-SpamFree for months with my WordPress installation. I thought it was working great. Barely any spam comments even made it to the Akismet plugin, but I didn’t realize how many actual commenters were unable to post on my site because of it. About a month ago I set up another blog for one of my good friends. Many people kept telling her that they were unable to post comments on her blog and they kept getting a message saying that their post looked “spammy” and would not even submit at all. Until then, I didn’t realize that WP-SpamFree was blocking so many people from commenting. I just thought people didn’t care to comment on my site for the most part. That wasn’t the case… The amount of comments on both her site and mine have really increased since I disabled WP-SpamFree on both of them.  This is just a heads up to those who use the plugin. It seems to cause more problems than it is worth. I highly recommend that if you want people to be able to comment on your site that you disable the plugin right away. I have found that using the Akismet and NoSpamNX plugins together work great. I rarely have any comments that need moderated.  Just make sure your theme/template is coded correctly and the NoSpamNX plugin works perfectly with...

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