iPod Touch with camera? Maybe

{ Posted on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 6:20 pm by Steve }

As usual, the rumors are circulating around the internet regarding Apple products. This one has been going around for a while now, and it seems we are getting closer to finding out whether it is true or not. According to this TechCrunch article,┬ásources in Asia say that “Apple has placed an order for a massive number of camera modules of the type that they include in the iPhone. These are inexpensive cameras, in the $10 range. And the size of the order means they can only be used for one thing – the iPods.”

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if this turns out to be true. The iPod Touch is usually updated in September, so this gives plenty of time for the newer models to be manufactured. With the current success of other hand held video devices this seems like a logical progression for the iPod line.

I have included a poll below regarding a new iPod. Please vote. I am curious to see if this is a feature people are really looking for.

Which audio codec do you prefer?

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One Response to “iPod Touch with camera? Maybe”

  1. Kat Kat says:

    Excellent post, Steve. This will increase my consideration of getting the iTouch this fall!