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Join our group!

{ Posted on Feb 24 2010 by Steve }
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If you follow me on various "social" websites, you will notice I listen to a lot of music. It's always fun to see what others are listening to, so I created a group for my site back in 2005. If ...Read More »

Google Electric

{ Posted on Feb 21 2010 by John }
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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission grants ‘market-based rate authority’ to Google’s newest subsidiary, appropriately named, Google Energy. Internet search engine and global tech giant, Google Inc., has officially entered the electric utility game, although don’t expect to be writing a check to ...Read More »

FiOS 1.7.1 Update

{ Posted on Feb 19 2010 by Steve }
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Luckily (or not) the Pittsburgh area was one of the first areas to receive the latest FiOS Firmware update of 1.7.1. After a few attempts over the last few days, the roll out here seems to be complete. The firmware ...Read More »

New Mac Laptops Soon?

{ Posted on Feb 05 2010 by John }
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I had just stumbled across the little post online making mention of a recent theft of a Apple prototype. Could this be the new Macbook that is coming down the be the judge. Read More »