MM: A Colorful Dreary Day

{ Posted on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 4:15 pm by Steve }

Macro Monday – A Colorful Dreary Day, originally uploaded by StevoFC.

I was hoping to get a photo outside for “Macro Monday” but it’s so dark and rainy. So, while I was at work I saw a large bag of Skittles sitting on Dave’s (my boss) desk. I figured I would find some color for a photo somehow!

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2 Responses to “MM: A Colorful Dreary Day”

  1. Kat AsKatKnits says:

    Nice. Now Dave’s Skittle obsession will live on in infamy! He aught to just love that Razz

  2. topsurf says:

    This is a very nice shot. Love the colors.