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Month: May 2010

MM: Spring Feast

Spring Feast, originally uploaded by StevoFC. The sun came out just long enough today for me to get a good photo for the site. Sorry about skipping “Macro Monday” last week. The weather was horrible, and I didn’t have any good ideas for an indoor photo. I hope you all like...

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The New MacBook (2.4ghz)

Apple has just updated their site today showing new specs for their white unibody MacBook.   I wonder if this was a planned release, or if it was due to the number of posts online showing the “rumored / new” Macbook specs and physical machine itself. 2.4GHz : 250GB (Updates Highlighted in Red) 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB DDR3 memory 250GB hard drive 8x double-layer SuperDrive NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics Built-in 10-hour battery Polycarbonate unibody enclosure Ships: Within 24hrs Free Shipping $999.00 Buy Now:  Apple...

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The Next MobileMe Mail. Now in Beta.

I happened to log into my MobileMe account today and noticed a new banner showing an invite for the MobileMe Mail Beta program.  Apple late on Wednesday announced a new beta program for the mail component of its MobileMe internet service. The new beta offers new interface views, server-based mail rules, SSL-based security, and improved performance, according to the company. To sign up for the beta, MobileMe subscribers will need log into and click the “Request an invitation” link in the lower left corner. You will then receive an e-mail notification once they’ve been added to the beta. From what I had read, the mail rules feature will allow MobileMe users at last to filter mail into separate mailboxes in advance of downloading them to your devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs. Once I get my beta account setup I’ll be sure to review this service and provide some feedback to everyone. More Information: MobileMe...

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Where Did The Old Apple Go?

For years I have yearned to own an Apple computer, and ever since I made my first purchase it appears that Apple is no longer the Apple they once had been. I’ve made it no secret on how much I love my Mac, and I do think the build and quality of OS X is fantastic.  If this qualifies me as being a Apple Fanboy, then so be it. But lately, with the launch of the iPad, and announcement of the iPhone 4.0 OS, it seems like Apple is starting to leave behind the part of the business that started the company, “the Mac.”  On top of this, the company’s behavior seemed to have changed as it now is in two legal issues that I am aware of, the huge debate with Flash and fighting with Adobe, and its recent controversy on how applications must be written and approved in the new development agreement.  As ironic as it sounds, it no longer feels that Apple is the “cool / hip” Apple as they once had been, but more like Microsoft. I can understand to a point Apple’s stand on their new application clause.  To guarantee that all of the applications are written the same, and to ensure their performance of the apps run at their peak, I think having all future apps written in object C makes sense. In...

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MM: Series Finale

Don’t worry everyone, I don’t mean that my “Macro Monday” feature is going away. I couldn’t decide on which photo to post on the blog so I decided I would finish out the “Almost There” series of photos. Last week I posted a flower bud, and this week I took photos of two of the same type of flower. One of them is almost fully in bloom, and the other is “Complete.” I hope you enjoy the pair of photos this week. Almost There – Part 2, originally uploaded by StevoFC. Complete, originally uploaded by...

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