Name: Steve Charles
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I work at William Penn Association, a Fraternal Life Insurance and Annuities Company. I am Network Administrator which is part of the MIS department, but I also do database work and programming. I also take photos at events whenever possible.

We (WPA) also own a place called Penn Scenic View where you can stay and rent lodges and cabins.
And, we also own a company called Computer Specialties Corporation.

Starting in 2001, I attended the University of Pittsburgh then transferred to Robert Morris University in the Fall of 2002. There I got my Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management, with a concentration in Office Information Systems. While I was there I also got my N+ Certification.

A random fact about me:
I like to drink beer. I have tried hundreds of different kinds, but my alcohol of choice is Crown Royal. Nothing beats coming home from a rough day at work and having a Crown and Ginger Ale.

Tools of the Trade:
I currently take the majority of my photos with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I have a few (5) lenses that I use with it. It’s a very nice Digital SLR, and I would highly recommend anything in that line. A program I couldn’t live without is Adobe Photoshop. I use it daily. It is by far my favorite design creation tool.