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Nook Color Revealed – Ships Nov 19

{ Posted on Oct 26 2010 by Steve }
The rumors were true. Barnes & Noble is currently hosting their special event regarding the release of a new version of the Nook, the Nook Color. The new device is much different from the older models. It no longer has the ...Read More »

Roku For Dummies!

{ Posted on Aug 22 2010 by Kat }
I recently purchased a Roku HD player at a great price from I am an avid Netflix user and streaming video to my laptop is nice but watching movies on a television is a much nicer experience all ...Read More »

The Apple Experience

{ Posted on Aug 15 2010 by Steve }
I have been a Mac user for years now. When I first "switched" things could not have been better. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Apple is far from what it used to be. Many people will argue that they are more ...Read More »

Fun With Photos

{ Posted on Apr 02 2010 by Steve }
Years ago I used to be really into photography. I took 4 years of photography and graphic arts classes where I learned many things such as how to use an SLR camera manually, developing B&W film and color slides and ...Read More »