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MM: Time Stands Still

{ Posted on Jul 26 2010 by John }
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As the title says, "Time Stands Still"... Photograph Taken by iPhone 3GS Read More »

MM: Airforce

{ Posted on Jul 12 2010 by John }
I thought I'd add a Macro Monday for the week since I have not posted much lately.   I was playing with the camera on my phone to view the different focus settings, and I think this turned out well for ...Read More »

PF: Is It Summer Yet?

{ Posted on Jun 18 2010 by Steve }
4324, originally uploaded by StevoFC. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been busy and I was also on vacation. I have been neglecting the site! I took some photos today so I thought I would make it a ...Read More »

MM: Spring Feast

{ Posted on May 24 2010 by Steve }
Spring Feast, originally uploaded by StevoFC. The sun came out just long enough today for me to get a good photo for the site. Sorry about skipping "Macro Monday" last week. The weather was horrible, and I didn't have any good ...Read More »