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MacBook Unibody Review

I have recently been looking to purchase a new laptop, and of course I wanted a Mac.  I had been debating on when to make my purchase, and which model to buy, the MacBook or MacBook Pro. One week ago my current laptop had...

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iPhone 3GS: Follow Up

In response to my first post about the iPhone 3GS, I am following up with this post to give a better review on the iPhone. With regards to coverage of AT&T at least in my area (Pittsburgh), I have had no issues what so ever in...

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Samsung PN42A450P Review

I had purchased my first HDTV a little more than a year ago, and I had decided that I would actually write a review on this TV.  I had purchased the Samsung PN42A50P (42″ Plasma), and currently have my TV connection (Verizon...

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BlackBerry Storm Review

Today’s cellphones / smartphone have changed the way we communicate with the world, and  I’m constantly asked how do I like the BlackBerry Storm, would I recommend this for others to purchase.  I have had the BlackBerry Storm...

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DisplayShare – First impressions

When I saw this software on the Neowin CES 2009 blog, I thought it would be a useful program. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I will start off with a brief description of the software taken directly from “Install...

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24 inch iMac 2.8ghz Review

As many of you know the iMac line was refreshed on Monday, April 28. For about 6 months I had been wanting to purchase a new computer, but I kept holding off for some reason. When I heard the rumors about the iMac update, I made...

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LG Venus (vx8800) Review

I have had the phone now for about 3 weeks, so I think I have tested it enough to give a decent review. So here it goes… A quick run down of the phone: Phone Type: Slider Storage: ~128mb internal, and support for up to 8gb...

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