Samsung PN42A450P Review

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I had purchased my first HDTV a little more than a year ago, and I had decided that I would actually write a review on this TV.  I had purchased the Samsung PN42A50P (42″ Plasma), and currently have my TV connection (Verizon FIOS) connected via HDMI as well as my upconverting DVD Player.  I had got a decent deal on this TV ($799.99) in July of 2008 at Best Buy in Pittsburgh.  While looking for TVs I was leaning towards and LCD, however for my budget I set aside and picture size I felt this was a good purchase. This model is only a 720p display, and I know there are debates on what size you will notice the difference between 720 and 1080, however I could not tell comparing TVs in this size range. The main difference between this TV in Plasma and that of an LCD is the number of pixels. Just taking into consideration the set’s resolution 1024×768 you would think that it has a 4:3...

BlackBerry Storm Review

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DisplayShare – First impressions

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When I saw this software on the Neowin CES 2009 blog, I thought it would be a useful program. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I will start off with a brief description of the software taken directly from GoldenSignals.com “Install DisplayShare software on your PC in the home network.  With the TV displaying the PS3 welcome screen, an icon identifying the PC appears on the TV screen.  You may then use the PS3 remote or game controller to select the PC icon, and whatever is on that PC display screen will appear on the TV.  A wireless link between the PC and the home entertainment system is automatically established. With DisplayShare, everything displaying on a PC screen can be streamed.  You do not have to navigate complex interfaces or overcome file format issues to wirelessly send a display to a TV.  Likewise, any PC audio, regardless of format, can be played through a home audio...

Midomi, an amazing iPhone app

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I was looking through the application store in iTunes and came across Midomi. It has been out for a while now and has gotten some great reviews, so I figured I would give it a try. Basically, this program lets you hum, sing, type, or listen to audio. Based off of that recorded sample it will tell you the song. There have been many times when I have heard a song I really liked but had absolutely no idea what it was. With this application I am now easily able to “grab” a portion of a song and get the title. I have hummed a few songs and it figured it out fairly fast. Some attempts at humming brought up multiple possible songs, but the one I hummed was definitely there. As for the grab feature, every song I have played on my computer here at work has been found and was correct. [rating:5] This app may not have many uses, but it is definitely worth the download. It’s...

24 inch iMac 2.8ghz Review

By on May 4, 2008 | 5 comments


LG Venus (vx8800) Review

By on Dec 17, 2007 | 1 comment


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