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The Apple Experience

{ Posted on Aug 15 2010 by Steve }
I have been a Mac user for years now. When I first "switched" things could not have been better. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Apple is far from what it used to be. Many people will argue that they are more ...Read More »

The New MacBook (2.4ghz)

{ Posted on May 18 2010 by John }
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Apple has just updated their site today showing new specs for their white unibody MacBook.   I wonder if this was a planned release, or if it was due to the number of posts online showing the "rumored / new" ...Read More »

The Next MobileMe Mail. Now in Beta.

{ Posted on May 13 2010 by John }
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I happened to log into my MobileMe account today and noticed a new banner showing an invite for the MobileMe Mail Beta program.  Apple late on Wednesday announced a new beta program for the mail component of its MobileMe internet ...Read More »

Where Did The Old Apple Go?

{ Posted on May 11 2010 by John }
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For years I have yearned to own an Apple computer, and ever since I made my first purchase it appears that Apple is no longer the Apple they once had been. I’ve made it no secret on how much I love ...Read More »