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iPhone 3GS: Follow Up

{ Posted on Mar 21 2010 by John }
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In response to my first post about the iPhone 3GS, I am following up with this post to give a better review on the iPhone. With regards to coverage of AT&T at least in my area (Pittsburgh), I have had no ...Read More »

iPhone 3GS vs BlackBerry Storm – Part 1

{ Posted on Mar 06 2010 by John }
I just recently changed jobs, and my new company has issued me an iPhone 3GS. So that being said, I thought a comparison between this device and my old BlackBerry Storm is in order. I've only had my iPhone for 5 days, ...Read More »

Come on, AT&T

{ Posted on Jun 09 2009 by Steve }
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By now, just about everyone has heard about the upcoming release of the iPhone 3Gs and the 3.0 firmware update for the iPhone. There are some great features in the new firmware. Two notable ones are tethering and MMS messaging; ...Read More »

It’s ok, that call wasn’t important.

{ Posted on Nov 04 2008 by Steve }
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Those who talk to me regularly know that I got an iPhone on October 1, 2008. Obviously, that means I made the switch to AT&T. Ever since 1998, I had Verizon as my cell phone provider. Over the 10 years ...Read More »