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FiOS vs. Comcast, Latency Test (Part 1)

{ Posted on Mar 09 2009 by Steve }
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In my last blog post, Juanus had some questions regarding latency concerns with FiOS. I said I would do some simple ping tests for now to try and give some answers regarding the FiOS latency. At work (a few miles from my ...Read More »

Finally switching to Verizon FiOS

{ Posted on Feb 27 2009 by Steve }
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I am happy to say that in a few days I will be Comcast free. FiOS has been around for a couple years in my area (Pittsburgh) and I have been holding off from making the switch.  I figured now would ...Read More »

Wow Comcast, I’m Surprised

{ Posted on Jul 15 2008 by Steve }
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As mentioned in one of my blog posts about a month ago, Comcast has been planning on doing some upgrades to the system here around Pittsburgh. Well, I checked this morning before work and they actually did it. Not only did ...Read More »

Comcast, just a little greedy?

{ Posted on Jun 14 2008 by Steve }
About a month ago I started hearing about changes Comcast planned on making in the Pittsburgh area. At the time I was all for it, because any time I hear about HD channels it tends to make me happy. But ...Read More »