Mid Week Gaming Deals (June 24)

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If you have visited my Deals page, you can see that recently I became an official partner of Green Man Gaming. As you can see, I have a custom voucher code available to those of you who visit my site or follow me on Twitter. STEVOF-C20OFF-GAMING Every few weeks (or more often if people seem to like it) I will post some Mid Week Gaming Deals that I think are worth your while. This week I have chosen 3 action game releases to highlight: Fallout 4 – 20% off with code Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition – 20% off with code Batman Arkham Knight – 40% off with code listed below Fallout 4 is currently listed at $59.99 but you can use my voucher code STEVOF-C20OFF-GAMING to receive 20% off. Devil May Cry 4: SE is currently listed at $24.99. Use my voucher code STEVOF-C20OFF-GAMING to receive 20% off. Batman Arkham Knight is currently listed at $59.99. Use voucher code BETHEB-ATMANG-MG40PC to receive 40% off. Please note: the Batman code is valid until 17:00 UTC June 26 and is good for both standard and premium...

Karma Go, soon? I hope

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Needless to day at this point, people use the internet a lot. Thanks to the mass adoption of smart phones over recent years, people have gotten used to always being on the internet. We all use it for different things, Facebook, Twitter and email for example. You name it, and we probably use the internet in some way for it. Years ago, Karma released their first portable hot spot device. The idea was great; a small device that anything with wifi could connect to easily. It was smaller than most other hot spots, and featured pay as you go pricing unlike many of the other larger carriers. The main drawback of the original Karma was the platform it used. It was limited to 3G and many 4G devices were becoming popular. The available signal area was also fairly limited, but it worked great (for the most part). At the end of last year the Karma Go was announced. People with the original Karma got a very good deal on the new device. It’s been so long ago now, but if I remember correctly, I was able to preorder the device for $75 which is about 50% off the price you can order it for now. So obviously I did. The Karma device is $149, and data costs $14 for 1GB, $59 for 5GB, and $99 for 10GB. But, if you pay attention to their site, they tend to do sales every few months. I have over 40gb of data, most of which I’ve bought during 50% off sales.  The data never expires, so I should be good for a very long time with that amount of data available. Another great feature of the Karma is sharing. For a detailed explanation of how it works click here. But for a quick and easy overview,  your Karma has open wifi. When people connect to it, they can sign in and get 100mb of free data, and you receive 100mb as well. Your login is not tied to a specific device. Meaning, if I go somewhere (and I have data available on my account as I said before) and see a Karma hot spot I can just log in and use my data, even if I didn’t bring my Karma device along. So really, if you have a lot of friends you can use the Karma quite a while without ever actually buying data, because the 100mb from each person keeps adding up. The new Karma Go should “fix” all of the shortcoming of the original. It has nationwide 4g coverage now, which was the only issue (for lack of a better word) I had with the original. The release date has been kicked back over and over again, but as of the last update I have received, this month should finally be it. I’m looking forward to using the newly updated Karma Go soon. Once I get it I will do a review of the device, so stay tuned for that. If the Karma Go interests you, please follow this link and you can get $10...

IM+ with Push Released

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IM+ version 3.1 has finally been released on the iTunes App Store and is now available for download. It is compatible with the iPhone and Touch using the 3.0 firmware. It includes all popular IM protocals such as AIM, Yahoo, etc., and now even includes Twitter. I bought this app when it was on sale months ago for $.99. It is currently priced at $9.99. I think it is worth it, even at that price. Click the iTunes button below to view the...

Snow Leopard upgrade only $29

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Snow Leopard will be available for all Intel Macs – past and present. How should it be priced? Leopard was $129 and Apple wants all Leopard users to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard will be $29 for those using Leopard. A Family Pack will be available for $49, and both will be released in September. A near-final developer preview available is today. Since 2001, Mac OS X has delivered more than a thousand innovative new features. With Snow Leopard, the next major version of the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X changes more than its spots, it changes focus. Taking a break from adding new features, Snow Leopard builds on Leopard’s enormous innovations by delivering a new generation of core software technologies that will streamline Mac OS X, enhance its performance, and set new standards for quality. Snow Leopard dramatically reduces the footprint of Mac OS X, making it even more efficient for users, and giving them back valuable hard drive space for their music and...

Amazon High Definition Week: June 8 – 12

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This was posted on Amazon a couple days ago by the Gold Box Team… Here is a deal week to get excited about! Have you thought about upgrading your home theater to High Definition or do you just want to add some Blu-Ray movies to your collection? From June 8 – 12, the Gold Box will be featuring great deals on a variety of High Definition items in all of the Deal of the Days and Lightning Deals. Don’t miss it. The Gold Box Team I’m sure there will be some really good deals over the next week. Like always, I will probably end up buying things I really don’t need because they are priced so low.   Visit...

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