Mid Week Gaming Deals (June 24)

By on Jun 24, 2015 | 0 comments

If you have visited my Deals page, you can see that recently I became an official partner of Green Man Gaming. As you can see, I have a custom voucher code available to those of you who visit my site or follow me on Twitter. STEVOF-C20OFF-GAMING Every few weeks (or more often if people seem to like it) I will post some Mid Week Gaming Deals that I think are worth your while. This week I have chosen 3 action game releases to highlight: Fallout 4 – 20% off with code Devil May Cry 4: Special EditionĀ – 20% off with code Batman Arkham Knight – 40% off with code listed below Fallout 4 is currently listed at $59.99 but you can use my voucher code STEVOF-C20OFF-GAMING to receive 20% off. Devil May Cry 4: SE is currently listed at $24.99. Use my voucher code STEVOF-C20OFF-GAMING to receive 20% off. Batman Arkham Knight is currently listed at $59.99. Use voucher...

Thanks, Electronic Arts

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I seriously never thought I would say that, but EA has awoken the casual gamer in me again. Recently I decided to move my Xbox One out of my living room and into another location in my house, the Den (as it is labeled in my Sonos system). The den is where my computer is located as well as a 42″ TV. Obviously, the 55″ in the living room plus surround sound gives a greater overall experience, but I realized I didn’t necessarily want all of that. All i really need is my leather recliner (also in the den) and a nice HD TV. 10-15 years ago I was much more into gaming. I had all of the consoles, and was an avid PC gamer. (I’ll blame Unreal Tournament for that.) and since then my console playing has dwindled. I have an Xbox 360 in the closet which hasn’t been turned on for 4+ years, and my PS3 which I used to play fairly often hasn’t even been taken out of...

Fight Me!

By on Apr 15, 2009 | 3 comments

I came across this site yesterday and thought it was kinda fun. It’s simple and completely random but strangely addicting. lol Visit here, type your name, and fight me. It will auto generate a character or you can change it. http://stevofc.mybrute.com/ After the first fight you can set up a password to save your “brute.”

So, I finally got Warhawk

By on Feb 18, 2008 | 0 comments

I was bored the past few days and decided I wanted to buy a few games on PSN. I got Tekken 5 DR Online. Great game for just under $30. And I also downloaded Warhawk for $40. I have to say I love Warhawk, but I totally suck at it. It seems like every time I respawn (and I do that a lot because of how bad I am) I get killed almost instantly. Sometimes 32 players, or even 24, seem to be way too many people in a map at once depending on the configuration. Like I said before, I literally respawn and get the **** blown out of me instantly. I enjoy playing the game for the most part but it seems to be really frustrating that sometimes no matter what I do I get raped from all angles. I thought I would get better but my ratio seems to be getting even worse. I get a decent amount of points but I can’t seem to kill many people at all. Something about the control configuration seems too...

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