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Where Did The Old Apple Go?

By on May 11, 2010 | 1 comment

For years I have yearned to own an Apple computer, and ever since I made my first purchase it appears that Apple is no longer the Apple they once had been. I’ve made it no secret on how much I love my Mac, and I do think the build and quality of OS X is fantastic.  If this qualifies me as being a Apple Fanboy, then so be it. But lately, with the launch of the iPad, and announcement of the iPhone 4.0 OS, it seems like Apple is starting to leave behind the part of the business that started the company, “the Mac.”  On top of this, the company’s behavior seemed to have changed as it now is in two legal issues that I am aware of, the huge debate with Flash and fighting with Adobe, and its recent controversy on how applications must be written and approved in the new development agreement.  As ironic as it sounds, it no longer feels that Apple is the “cool / hip” Apple as they once had been,...

24″ iMac? Do Not Update to 10.6.3

By on Apr 12, 2010 | 7 comments

For some reason I held off installing to 10.6.3 when it was first released, and I’m glad I did. This weekend I installed the 10.6.3 Snow Leopard update on my 24″ Aluminum iMac. BAD idea… I should have checked online before installing the update, because soon after I started having problems I did a simple search and found that I was not the only one. Basically, there is something wrong with the 10.6.3 update that causes the computer to become completely unresponsive. The screen goes completely blank then fills with vertical lines. When this happens, the computer as I said before, is completely unresponsive to mouse and keyboard input. The only thing to do is turn off the computer with the power button. I found this topic on the Apple Forum which shows that this is happening to many others also. As of writing this blog post, the forum topic has been open for 2 weeks...

Apple Reportedly Offering 15% Refunds to Purchasers of Troubled 27-Inch iMacs

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Apple has been struggling with the flickering issue on the 27” iMac displays, it appears that Apple is apparently offering 15% refunds to users who have exchanged their iMacs multiple times in seeking to have the issues addressed. On a $2,000 iMac 15% is about a $300 apology from Apple’s customer support.  Digging around online, it sounds like you need to be a repeat iMac returner who’s dealt with multiple 27-inch iMacs. Despite the apparent refund program in effect and Apple’s efforts at addressing the flickering issues, the company has yet to publicly acknowledge the yellowing issue generating significant numbers of complaints from customers.

Got my new external drive

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The Iomega Ultramax HDD that I mentioned in my last blog post came today. Even though it was already in the HFS+ filesystem, as soon as I plugged it in I used the Disk Utility and reformated/partitioned it. I have read about people having problems with Time Machine doing the initial backup (over 10gb) on a hdd that doesn’t use the GUID partition scheme. Rather than worrying about it I figured it was easier just to make sure it was right before I enabled Time Machine. Anyways this drive isn’t performing bad at all. I have been actively using the computer and it has transfered 12gb in 30 minutes. My initial backup is 88.5gb, so it shouldn’t take too long. edit: 35gb transfered after 1 hour. so it’s actually speeding up… edit: 72gb in 1 1/2 hours. edit: Finished! 88.53gb backed up in 1 hour 42 minutes. I will write a review up about the hard drive in at least...

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