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The Apple Experience

{ Posted on Aug 15 2010 by Steve }
I have been a Mac user for years now. When I first "switched" things could not have been better. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Apple is far from what it used to be. Many people will argue that they are more ...Read More »

Where Did The Old Apple Go?

{ Posted on May 11 2010 by John }
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For years I have yearned to own an Apple computer, and ever since I made my first purchase it appears that Apple is no longer the Apple they once had been. I’ve made it no secret on how much I love ...Read More »

24″ iMac? Do Not Update to 10.6.3

{ Posted on Apr 12 2010 by Steve }
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For some reason I held off installing to 10.6.3 when it was first released, and I'm glad I did. This weekend I installed the 10.6.3 Snow Leopard update on my 24" Aluminum iMac. BAD idea... I should have checked online before ...Read More »

Apple Reportedly Offering 15% Refunds to Purchasers of Troubled 27-Inch iMacs

{ Posted on Feb 05 2010 by John }
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Apple has been struggling with the flickering issue on the 27” iMac displays, it appears that Apple is apparently offering 15% refunds to users who have exchanged their iMacs multiple times in seeking to have the issues addressed. On a $2,000 ...Read More »