FiOS Quantum Internet is FAST

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Through the years, I’ve had nothing but great service from Verizon FiOS, which is the exact opposite of my time spent with Comcast. I couldn’t wait to switch from Comcast when FiOS became available in my area over 5 years ago now. Recently, I decided to switch to the 75/75 FiOS Quantum internet plan. In no way was my internet slow before when I had the 50/50 tier, but now it’s surprisingly fast. With most companies, you are lucky to get the rated speeds you pay for. With FiOS, at least in my area, that is not the case at all. They state you get speeds “up to 75/75” but in reality, the speeds they give well surpass that. I have run various speed tests, as shown below, to give a general idea of the speed I get with my upgraded service: As you can see, I get above the rated speeds from servers in various locations. Once you start to have internet speeds in this range, it appears that the servers themselves are the limiting factor more so than the internet plan itself. FiOS Quantum internet goes all the way up to 500/500 plans, but for me that would be a huge waste. Don’t get me wrong, it would be amazing to have. For my use of the internet though, this 75/75 plan is great. Verizon also added a My Rewards+ Program. You get points for various things such as paperless billing, ordering movies and many other actions. After renewing my contract for another 2 years, I just recently got 2000 points. As you can see, the points add up  quickly. I have gotten over 6000 points since the reward program has started. The photo above shows the general value of the points along with some of the available options. As I said before, I’ve had nothing but great service from FiOS. I would never switch back to Comcast, even if there was a vast price difference. If you are interested in Verizon FiOS please consider joining with my referral link and sign up for the My Rewards+ program. It is a great service and well worth switching to FiOS if you haven’t...

Karma Go, soon? I hope

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Needless to day at this point, people use the internet a lot. Thanks to the mass adoption of smart phones over recent years, people have gotten used to always being on the internet. We all use it for different things, Facebook, Twitter and email for example. You name it, and we probably use the internet in some way for it. Years ago, Karma released their first portable hot spot device. The idea was great; a small device that anything with wifi could connect to easily. It was smaller than most other hot spots, and featured pay as you go pricing unlike many of the other larger carriers. The main drawback of the original Karma was the platform it used. It was limited to 3G and many 4G devices were becoming popular. The available signal area was also fairly limited, but it worked great (for the most part). At the end of last year the Karma Go was announced. People with the original Karma got a very good deal on the new device. It’s been so long ago now, but if I remember correctly, I was able to preorder the device for $75 which is about 50% off the price you can order it for now. So obviously I did. The Karma device is $149, and data costs $14 for 1GB, $59 for 5GB, and $99 for 10GB. But, if you pay attention to their site, they tend to do sales every few months. I have over 40gb of data, most of which I’ve bought during 50% off sales.  The data never expires, so I should be good for a very long time with that amount of data available. Another great feature of the Karma is sharing. For a detailed explanation of how it works click here. But for a quick and easy overview,  your Karma has open wifi. When people connect to it, they can sign in and get 100mb of free data, and you receive 100mb as well. Your login is not tied to a specific device. Meaning, if I go somewhere (and I have data available on my account as I said before) and see a Karma hot spot I can just log in and use my data, even if I didn’t bring my Karma device along. So really, if you have a lot of friends you can use the Karma quite a while without ever actually buying data, because the 100mb from each person keeps adding up. The new Karma Go should “fix” all of the shortcoming of the original. It has nationwide 4g coverage now, which was the only issue (for lack of a better word) I had with the original. The release date has been kicked back over and over again, but as of the last update I have received, this month should finally be it. I’m looking forward to using the newly updated Karma Go soon. Once I get it I will do a review of the device, so stay tuned for that. If the Karma Go interests you, please follow this link and you can get $10...

Want comments? Disable WP-SpamFree

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I was using WP-SpamFree for months with my WordPress installation. I thought it was working great. Barely any spam comments even made it to the Akismet plugin, but I didn’t realize how many actual commenters were unable to post on my site because of it. About a month ago I set up another blog for one of my good friends. Many people kept telling her that they were unable to post comments on her blog and they kept getting a message saying that their post looked “spammy” and would not even submit at all. Until then, I didn’t realize that WP-SpamFree was blocking so many people from commenting. I just thought people didn’t care to comment on my site for the most part. That wasn’t the case… The amount of comments on both her site and mine have really increased since I disabled WP-SpamFree on both of them.  This is just a heads up to those who use the plugin. It seems to cause more problems than it is worth. I highly recommend that if you want people to be able to comment on your site that you disable the plugin right away. I have found that using the Akismet and NoSpamNX plugins together work great. I rarely have any comments that need moderated.  Just make sure your theme/template is coded correctly and the NoSpamNX plugin works perfectly with no...

IM+ with Push Released

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IM+ version 3.1 has finally been released on the iTunes App Store and is now available for download. It is compatible with the iPhone and Touch using the 3.0 firmware. It includes all popular IM protocals such as AIM, Yahoo, etc., and now even includes Twitter. I bought this app when it was on sale months ago for $.99. It is currently priced at $9.99. I think it is worth it, even at that price. Click the iTunes button below to view the...

FiOS Impressions: The first 3 months

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It’s been three months now since I had Verizon Fios Installed. I am very happy with it compared to Comcast. The service is much better overall than I hoped it would be. But as with most things, you take the good with the bad.  The internet portion of the Triple Play is very good. As stated in an older blog post, I have the 20mb download and 5mb upload tier. The speeds are great, and for the most part constant. Certain times of the day when Comcast would start to lag are pretty much non existent with my Verizon service. As much as I like the quality of the service there is one major problem…the hardware. The included Actiontec router is decent, but has some major flaws. I was lucky enough to get the Gen 2 (rev. E) version of the Actiontec hardware but it still has major problems. There is a NAT table limitation that practically makes the router useless. When trying to connect to torrents or even Steam server lists, you hit the connection limit and the router locks up. Usually closing out of the program will fix it, but sometimes a restart of the router is needed. The only way around this is to run ethernet cable through the house to where the router is placed. By installation default, the ONT  is connected to the router via coaxial cable. Because of this, you need a router such as the Actiontec to take the MoCA connection. MoCA is needed to give IP Addresses to all of the set top boxes throughout the house. Like I said, I could run an ethernet cable through my house and up to the 2nd floor where the router is, but that is a lot easier said than done. If I ever feel like taking the time to do so I might, because then I could use my own router. Even if I use my own router (D-Link Dir-655) I would still need to connect the Actiontec to it for the MoCA bridge. Currently I have my D-Link connected into the Actiontec because the wireless signal is much better and everything wired here is gigabit. As for the television portion…I couldn’t be much happier with the service. The picture quality is amazing. It’s quite obvious how much better the quality is of FiOS over Comcast. The channel lineup is great. Having over 100 HD channels is definitely nice. The Multi Room DVR works fairly well. The main problem once again though is the hardware.   The Motorola boxes seem to have a problem with HDMI connections, primarily with Samsung televisions. Of course I only buy Samsung LCDs. I have 4 through the house in varying sizes all HD and connected to HD boxes. One of them in particular, of course the one with the Multi Room DVR, has a major problem when trying to connect to HDMI. The image blacks out frequently because the signal is lost and it takes a few seconds for it to work again. Also, after the latest firmware update (that I also blogged about) when using Component cables the signal is occasionally lost. It much less frequent and takes only a fraction of a second for it to return, but there is definitely a problem. It just sucks to see such dodgy hardware when the service itself is so great for both the TV and Internet. Without a doubt I am happy to have made the switch from Comcast to Verizon. The cost is much less per month and the overall service is much better. If Verizon can fix the problems with the hardware I wouldn’t really have much of anything to complain about. I hope this post helps answer any questions of those people who are thinking about switching. If you have any other questions or comments please post them...

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