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iPhone 3GS vs BlackBerry Storm – Part 1

{ Posted on Mar 06 2010 by John }
I just recently changed jobs, and my new company has issued me an iPhone 3GS. So that being said, I thought a comparison between this device and my old BlackBerry Storm is in order. I've only had my iPhone for 5 days, ...Read More »

FiOS 1.7.1 Update

{ Posted on Feb 19 2010 by Steve }
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Categories : Electronics, General, Internet
Luckily (or not) the Pittsburgh area was one of the first areas to receive the latest FiOS Firmware update of 1.7.1. After a few attempts over the last few days, the roll out here seems to be complete. The firmware ...Read More »

Verizon Tech Support (FW 1.7 related)

{ Posted on Jan 20 2010 by Steve }
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Ah, another FiOS post here. Usually I am very happy with the, not so much. I contacted support because the 1.7 firmware was finally rolled out to Pittsburgh. It is fairly common knowledge that the 1.7 firmware totally screws up the ...Read More »

DVR Replacement

{ Posted on Aug 07 2009 by Steve }
Well, most of you have probably read my post regarding the component cable problem that I thought I had with my multi room DVR from Verizon. It turns out that wasn't the problem. It's strange though, for about a week ...Read More »