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FiOS component cable problems

{ Posted on Jul 02 2009 by Steve }
About a month ago I started having a minor problem while watching television on my Motorola 7216 multi room DVR from Verizon. Since there is an ongoing problem with connecting some Samsung televisions to the Motorola boxes via HDMI, I ...Read More »

Some FiOS PPV info

{ Posted on Jun 15 2009 by Steve }
Yes I know, another FiOS post... FiOS is gaining popularity, and for the most part, information about it is not that easy to find. So, as I come across things related to FiOS I will be sharing them here. This time, I ...Read More »

Viacom HD channels soon on FiOS

{ Posted on Jun 11 2009 by Steve }
A few weeks ago it was announced that Verizon had finally made a deal with Viacom to add their HD channels to the lineup. Rumor had it that we would get them some time in late June/July. Well, it looks ...Read More »

FiOS Impressions: The first 3 months

{ Posted on Jun 06 2009 by Steve }
It's been three months now since I had Verizon Fios Installed. I am very happy with it compared to Comcast. The service is much better overall than I hoped it would be. But as with most things, you take the ...Read More »