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A Site Update

{ Posted on Oct 25 2010 by Steve }
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As you can see, the color of the blog has changed. I got bored with the green/tan color that was here for a while so I decided to change it. If you were on the site this morning you probably ...Read More »

Join our group!

{ Posted on Feb 24 2010 by Steve }
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If you follow me on various "social" websites, you will notice I listen to a lot of music. It's always fun to see what others are listening to, so I created a group for my site back in 2005. If ...Read More »

Site update coming soon

{ Posted on Jun 05 2009 by Steve }
Over the next few weeks today I plan on trying to upgrade my blog again. The latest version of Wordpress doesn't like something about my current install resulting in nothing working. So, I plan on trying to update it again ...Read More »

October 2008 Stats

{ Posted on Nov 01 2008 by Steve }
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Here is another random visitor stats post... This time, it's for the month of October. October 2008 Statistics Unique Visitors: 19,623 Number of Visits: 23,243 Pages: 86,406 Hits: 570,881 Thanks to all of those who still visit my site. Read More »